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The historical image of London captures the visitor’s eye with the continuous succession of monumental architecture and residential buildings, squares and parks, large public buildings and intimate spaces. This interweaving is underlined by the use of materials, each with its own constructive and symbolic identity: stone as a noble element, brick as a domestic sign, stucco as an ornamental link. Styles mingle and create an ever-changing and unexpected urban landscape; the English metropolis has the charm of a theatrical setting.

London by G1938

London is one of the world’s centres of international flavour, trends and fashion, and where even architecture finds room for constant experimentation. In the British capital, Marmi Ghirardi, with its own brand “Ghirardi 1938 – Italian Stone Maestro (G1938)”, has completed several projects with a strong visual impact, confirming the quality and value of the Italian tradition. The elegance of the materials and the perfect execution have become an integral part of the refined London scene, both in private homes and in commercial and public buildings.

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