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The Alexandria library

A building already mythologized in Antiquity, the Library of Alexandria has preserved its fame more for its destruction than for its actual incidence in the cultural history of the Mediterranean. The memory of the five hundred thousand texts preserved at the time of the Ptolemaic dynasty has passed through the centuries, reaching our days as an idea of absolute knowledge: the library that contains all human knowledge.

The Mistero and charm of egyptian granite

The historical image of ancient Egypt is linked to the amazing granite architecture, mostly extracted in the Aswan area and transported along the course of the Nile. Not only pyramids and temples, but also colossal statues, urns, large vases and above all obelisks: nine of which have adorned Rome’s squares since the Imperial Age. Symbology has it that the very soul of Egyptian granite is that of the god Ra.

The Seat of natural stone

Immersed in the greenery of the Po Valley, the new Marmi Ghirardi headquarters was inaugurated in Carpenedolo (Brescia, Lombardy) in 2017. The building was the brainchild of Arch. Lodovico Reguitti and Eng. Loris Scaroni, who shared and developed the project alongside the Ghirardi family itself.
The structure is a symbol of the values that Ghirardi has conveyed since its origins: solidity, pragmatism, total quality, attention to detail and maximum customization.

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