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Taylorsville Utah Temple

For the second time, Marmi Ghirardi has won the Natural Stone Institute of America’s Pinnacle Award for Excellence. The 2023 edition presented the award for the Taylorsville Utah Temple, designed by FFKR Architects.

Designed to reflect the architecture of European cathedrals and the craftsmanship of Utah’s early pioneers, the Taylorsville Utah Temple inspires wonder with its picturesque arched windows, carved finials and ornate friezes that blend harmoniously with the cornices, entablatures and railings.

The architectural image of the Taylorsville Utah Temple is characterized by the elegant cladding of Botticino Classico, a hard limestone sourced from quarries located in the province of Brescia, Italy. The choice of this material was a real ‘challenge’ for the tradition of exterior cladding on US territory.

It had to be demonstrated that Botticino Classico exhibits great properties of compactness and strength, especially in those parts where there is the greatest possible interaction with the external environment, such as the lower parts of the cladding.

Taylorsville Utah Temple:
another successful project by Marmi Ghirardi

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